Dogecoin gets added to coinbase wallet

Dogecoin (DOGE) has recently gained popularity. The crypto coin showed a lot of increase in usage in recent times. Now, it will show a lot more as it is going to be added in the Coin base official Wallet app. Yes, now you can store the DOGE directly in your Coinbase wallet.

Coinbase recently in announced they will now allow the storage of DOGE in their wallet. The wallet currently supports all the famous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Enthereum, XRP, Stellar and with over 100k different tokens.

The update will soon roll out in the current week itself to all the IOS as well as Android users. You can select the receive button from the app and select DOGE from the drop-down list given there.

The recent popularity

The coin is famous for many of the memes roaming all over the social media. In the last September, Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk tweeted about annoying scammer on twitter and asked Palmer to help him out. Recently, Dogecoin joked about making Elon Musk the CEO of Dogecoin to which Elon replied with a DOGE meme from his official Twitter account.

It is one of the 27th largest cryptocurrency according to the CoinMarketCap when ranked according to the market capitalization. It is growing at tremendous speed from the last couple of months. The coin has daily trading of over $33.8 million.

This was all about the past of the Dogecoin, as now Coinbase supports Dogecoin, the popularity is going to increase and people will start using the coin. This is because of the wallet features. Among all the wallets that are currently available, people use the Coinbase wallet the most.

You can use the wallet currency to add, spend and track the money to any merchant accepting cryptocurrency. You can use it to learn a new language or you can use for any purpose where the merchant is accepting cryptocurrency as one of their payment methods. People can now transact all the currencies in just one place with the use of a Coinbase wallet.


Insight chain 

When you talk about the chain based platform for blockchain that is decentralized, the first name that comes to your mind is Insight Chain. It is an ecosystem that focuses on blockchain domain. It is a platform that is integrating all the information sharing, data trading as well as reviews and index along with the platform itself.

Data Research

One of the best thing that you can use the Insight chain for is data research. The analyst can easily research any of the cryptocurrency companies or they can even do the same in media as well as on investors. All the data are reliable as well as to ensure the security, the data can be tracked. Moreover, anyone who is participating or contributing in one way or the other will be rewarded with the token.

Information Sharing

The whole platform will help the company to build the whole management concept. The platform allows you to disclose all the information and hence you will get the decentralized information sharing platform whether it is about the company, analyst, media, as well as the investors.

Data trading

Insight chain provides the data trading platform for everyone, the company or the investor can easily trade their data or ratings, as well as reports, point to point.

Review and Index

As all the research and the analyst are done, one can review all the things from multi-dimension and hence by there are all the things that an investor has to know. You can take a look at the series of indexes the platform offers such as RON and Insight 500.

You can use it to research and view the proper insights. There are whitepaper and the roadmap available on the official website of Insight Chain that you can make use of. You can collect the data and use it for various things such as learning a new language. All of the reviews and the data trading not only promotes the development towards the blockchain technology but also makes it easier for investors to invest in the company. You can even download their app.

Binance DEX

Trading in cryptocurrency is increasing as there are more and more trading platforms being built. All of these crypto tradings has its own prices. Most of them do not have real-time price update and for this reason, you might see there are changes in price in every other platform. That is why most of the trading platform even allows the peer to peer transfer.

Binance just launched Testnet for their new Binance DEX which will totally change the way peer to peer transfer works. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange network that is powered by decentralized network nodes. This will help you in managing your own wallet and you yourself hold your private key. This will not only bring the freedom to their users but will also increase the security as well as usability. Here, you have all our assets and the responsibilities of the same will belong to you.

Binance chain

Binance Chain is created by Binance which is based in Peer-to-peer model. All the exchange on the platform is done by Binance DEX. Binance makes it easier to complete any transaction as the digital assets will belong to you and you will have your own private key. Moreover, they have a near-instant transaction features by which you can complete the transaction with one-second block times. These type of transactions are done in no time and are the fastest among all the currency exchange network out there.

The deal doesn’t end here, they are also planning to launch more features in the upcoming updates such as decentralized accessibility to cryptocurrency and blockchain. This will be once everything will be set. This will totally change the era of peer-to-peer cryptocurrency changing. It will be a lot faster as well as security will be given more importance. It would be a lot easier to order Spanish food due to their effortless transaction features. According to the company, the Binance DEX is just one another way by which they are trying to provide the total freedom of money to all their users.


The Basics Of Creating Your Own Cryptocurrency

By now, the entire world has woken up to the rise of cryptocurrency as a force to reckon with. It is even regarded as the potential currency for all online transactions in the future. What’s more, to explore out is that it is easy to create your own cryptocurrency if you have decent coding skills and the zeal to enter the exciting crypto market. So, if you have been wondering how to create a new cryptocurrency of your own, this article will explain everything you need to know, from how to register a cryptocurrency name to how to market a cryptocurrency.

How To Create A Cryptocurrency Token?

Creating a cryptocurrency token is actually not the hardest part. All you need are decent skills with C++ language. It is not even necessary to know how to create one from scratch as you can even adapt the parameters of some existing cryptocurrency and give it your own name. If you are short on time, you can also use a cryptocurrency creation platform that will do the job for you. This is a great option for the amateur as it also walks you through how to launch a cryptocurrency on a trading platform.

How To Register A Cryptocurrency Name?

Registering your cryptocurrency name is an important step to ensure that you’re not violating any copyrights and that no one else is stealing your creation. You can purchase a trademark for a modest fee online. To add legitimacy to your cryptocurrency, purchase something with it online so that the market can see that it’s operational.

How To Get Support For Your Cryptocurrency?

The best way to gain support for your new cryptocurrency is by collaborating with other miners and developers. There are websites such as CodeMentorX that connect you with developers who can help you with your crypto project. It is also important to build strong and honest relationships with miners so that they can provide you with the necessary hardware and have faith in the potential of your currency through market ups and downs.

How To Market Your Cryptocurrency?

This is perhaps the toughest aspect of building a cryptocurrency. All the people mining your currency should be able to spend it at legitimate vendors and this requires you to establish trust with different online merchants so that they accept your cryptocurrency as a valid payment option. The key here is not to oversell, but to genuinely convince the merchants that your currency will bring new spenders to their stores and also reduce their payment fees. A good way to start marketing your cryptocurrency is by promoting it on the cryptocurrency market and then slowly expanding your reach to new users.

Why Is Cryptocurrency Falling?

The cryptocurrency trend has moved well beyond the hype and into the realm of long-term popularity. Once you have thoroughly understood the difference between cryptocurrency and blockchain, making an investment is well worth your while if you have an appetite for risk. However, all is not rosy in the cryptocurrency world, as traders have been taking a bad hit with several coins that have fluctuated wildly up and down. If you are wondering why the cryptocurrency is falling today, read this quick guide on why the cryptocurrency market is going down.

  1. Decreasing demand

Despite the huge hype about cryptocurrency, the simplest answer to why the cryptocurrency is down is that people don’t necessarily want it that much anymore. Many traders who are already working on some cryptocurrency projects are not interested in new ones, especially the ones that are merely rip-offs of existing ones. In addition, hacking attempts such as a recent incident in South Korea has reduced the popularity of crypto over security concerns.

  1. Frozen assets

Some cryptocurrency projects simply block crypto user wallets for what they deem as suspicious activities. These blocks may happen at random and without notifying the user which has resulted in many others opting out of the cryptocurrency project. This is what happened with EOS, which froze 27 wallets on a single day and resulted in a huge number of exits from others.

  1. Hacking attempts

Security concerns have always existed with online assets, and hackers have found a new target in cryptocurrency. Typical weaknesses like poor password strength have made it easy for hackers to hack into cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinrail and BitFlyer. These incidents have been a wake-up call for all sorts of cryptocurrency developers, who are now busy going over their projects and analyzing the loopholes and weaknesses. In the process, however, several of the cryptocurrencies have been shut down till further notice, which has reduced the public’s confidence in cryptocurrency as a worthy investment.

  1. Government activity

The essence of cryptocurrency is that it is decentralized – however, several governments are not happy about keeping it so. US authorities are increasingly calling out cryptocurrency exchanges and asking them to provide data for inspection, citing reasons such as detected fraud. Such moves indicate that cryptocurrency may be on its way towards a centralized regime, which is scaring off many traders and potential investors and might bring in massive drops in cryptocurrency prices.


How To Swing Trade Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency has undoubted benefits over traditional money, which is why people continue to invest in it despite its many fluctuations. Trading in cryptocurrency has become the new favorite of thrill-seekers, who take the losses in their stride for the massive gains that can be won. For those wondering how to effectively trade cryptocurrency, this quick and easy guide introduces you to one of the popular trading techniques so-called swing trading.

Swing trading – What is it?

Swing trading is essentially the trading process in which a trader holds on to particular cryptocurrency investment for as many days as it takes to accumulate gains. While other traders may buy and sell investments in hours or even minutes, swing traders keep their position open until they’ve registered again. The rationale behind this trading method is to benefit as much as possible from the upward price movement. It is a relatively safe trading option for new traders as it is less subject to volatility.

How to Swing Trade Crypto?

While there is no fixed answer to the question of how to swing trade cryptocurrency, certain practices may help. Keep in close touch with financial news through daily news updates, as these will give you insight into which direction the cryptocurrency market is likely to go. It also helps to have a good understanding of the exponential moving average (EMA), which gives weight age to recent price information and can help you to devise a strong swing trading plan.

Advantages of Swing Trading

Swing trading is ideal for the patient, analytical trader who pays careful attention to the market and can thus sense better than many others when the market is moving upwards. It allows you to hold on to a position for a longer time and make the most out of it. For this reason, it is also ideal for the amateur or risk-averse trader who doesn’t want to play the market on a daily basis.

Disadvantages of Swing Trading

Just as the market can move up over time, it can also plummet without warning. As a swing trader, you need to hold on patiently through such falls and monitor the market carefully for signs of upward movement or to decide when you need to make an exit. This is a highly time-consuming job and requires you to be constantly updated about market conditions, and is thus not ideal if you have a demanding full-time job.



We live in a world which is having a mad rush towards technology. Perhaps this is the major concern behind every new innovation and startup. Startups have a great demand nowadays and are a major preference for a lot of young entrepreneurs. There are many new ways of owning a startup these days. From owning an online website to startups by twitter accounts, they have come a long way. With the interjection of blockchain technology there grew a lot of opportunities for startups. Hashchain technology is one such North American Crypto mining company that uses blockchain as the key feature.

What is Hashchain?

Hashchain is a Canadian based mining company that allows its users to mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoins and dash. Hashchain is currently the largest mining company in the world. It is a huge success because of the features it has to offer. These features include:

  1. Availability:

Hashchain gained its attention by advertising that its services are available to the users 24/7/365. This is perhaps the most unique feature that any mining company has to offer.

  1. Low electricity:

The major problem with mining cryptocurrencies is, it consumes high volume of electricity. But with Hashchain this proportion will be exceptionally reduced.

  1. Storefront:

Hashchain has its own storefront which will allow the users to buy cryptocurrencies directly from Hashchain Ecosystem.

  1. Software:

This is really a very unique feature of all. Hashchain has its own software for the optimization of all mining activities of its users.

Additional features:

  1. Hashchain has its own mining pool. This will provide cost savings and brand recognition.
  2. The data center of Hashchain can perform multiple functions at a time and is very flexible.
  3. It helps you to assess the value of cryptocurrencies depending on the current market value.
  4. It is capable of mining numerous cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, Hashchain is the best user-friendly mining platform at present. It focuses mainly on security, disaster recovering, cloud and application hosting etc. which are the major concerns of any crypto miner. Moreover, Hashchain holds a lot of cryptocurrencies and is a very good platform for beginners.


If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast then you might be familiar with cryptocurrency wallet. Initially, crypto wallets were assumed to be purely software wallets. But in due course of time, it became clear that they are not completely safe. Though they are highly secure, they are not completely hack-proof. So to reduce this trouble to the users’, hardware wallets are introduced. Hardware wallets are way better than software wallets at many levels.

Hardware wallets are an instant hit due to the various unique features they offer. There are a lot of hardware wallets which are offering some really good features. KeepKey is one such hardware wallet which saw instant success upon its release.

What is KeepKey?

KeepKey is the latest hardware wallet with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. In spite of being very new, KeepKey became a huge success because of the features it has to offer.


KeepKey offers some really interesting features making it unique from the rest of the hardware wallets. Some of these features are:

  1. KeepKey supports many types of cryptocurrencies. It supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin etc.
  2. The very first thing that comes to mind while thinking about KeepKey is its sleek design. KeepKey has a very exceptional design and the super cool digital animation makes the customers experience more realistic.
  3. KeepKey is more durable than many other hardware wallets.


KeepKey launched at an initial price of $123. But soon it was dropped to $99. Since then it became a huge success. The price certainly is a little high but after using it, definitely you shall find its worth.


The design is the biggest asset of KeepKey. Though it is not portable as Ledger Nano S or Trezor, it still has a pretty good design and can store large amounts of cryptocurrencies.


KeepKey is the most secure hardware wallet at present in the market. It has a lot of security features like a permanent private key which will never leave the device. It prevents unauthorized persons from checking your account or transactions by providing a pin code to the user.

There are certain downsides to Keepkey like its complex design but it is completely worth the price and it is growing very rapidly. It soon is going to be a competition to other popular hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S and Trezor.


Cryptocurrency is by far the most influential change that happened in the global financial industry. Surely there are certain backlashes that hit cryptocurrencies upon its release, but it still gained the reputation it deserved. The common backlash cryptocurrency faced is its adverse effects on the fiat currency. However, to everyone’s surprise, NetCents overcame this problem by signing an ISO agreement with Obanc. Since then, cryptocurrency was no longer seen as a threat to the fiat currency.

What is NetCent?

NetCent is a global payment processor which can handle both traditional currency and cryptocurrency. All of this happened because of the ISO agreement with Obanc. It is a Canada based company stated in 2008. It is in development since then.


  1. Like most payment platforms, NetCents too will assist the user to send and receive payments. However, it has two versions of payment processing platforms. Of which one is for business platforms and the other is for personal use.
  2. It supports both Bitcoins and Ethereum. Recently it extended its support for Fiat currency too.
  3. The business payment platform allows the user to make transactions through Credit cards, Debit cards, PayPal, etc. which includes both cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

NetCent as an investment opportunity:

NetCents is a fairly new crypto payment processing platform. However, it is considered to be a very good investment opportunity. Though it started out small with its ICO worth $1 each, the value has been increasing thereafter. There hasn’t been a single instance when its value has declined. So investing in NetCents is a very good opportunity for good returns.

ISO agreement with Obanc:

NetCent recently signed an ISO agreement with Obanc which is a very revolutionary change in the history of cryptocurrency. Obanc is a Florida based payment processing firm which handles only Fiat currency. With this 5 year ISO agreement with NetCent, it opened its gates to cryptocurrencies. This led to a whole new era for cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, NetCent is almost similar to any other crypto payment platform but what makes it stand out is its acceptance of fiat currency along with cryptocurrency. And also NetCents offers critical security for the transactions of its users. It also serves as a very good investment opportunity. On any level, NetCents is a better choice than any other payment processing platforms.




Cyptoinbox is a digital asset distribution marketplace powered by Crypto and Blockchain technology. It enables  the users to buy ICO and STO. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering while STO stands for security Token Offering. Using this brilliant platform, you can easily trade or mine digital currency. It was started back in 2016 and since then, it is one of the best online platforms to trade and mine in order to make some quick money.

Main Features

With so many platforms out there, these are the few reasons why you should use Cryptoinbox. This is the list of a few features Cryptoinbox possess and why you should choose it.

Large Profit: The price maintenance is providing a lot of customers with the fastest return on all of their deposits. You should also start taking advantage of that.

Lowest Price: Price is yet another factor to choose Cryptoinbox. They guarantee the lowest price among all their legitimate competitors.

Ease of use: Life is complicated but not Cryptoinbox. It is easy to use, with just a couple of clicks on the website and your order is ready. Once you get paid using your Cryptocurrency wallet, you can start mining bitcoin.

Referral Program: This is one of the best things to choose Cryptoinbox for. Outside the crypto world, there are many services that have a referral program. However, finding a referral program in the crypto world is a bit difficult. Cryptoinbox solves all these problems. They have a great referral program in which you get some exciting rewards. You can get 10% of the income through such referral programs.


In the end, it’s all on you. These are the unique features of Cryptoinbox. It is easy to get started. All you need to do is to create an account, verify it using your email address and SMS. After completing this, your account is ready to use. Just like every crypto website, it has some of the best security and privacy features. They have a telegram group for all the updates. You can join this group or you can subscribe to them in various social media to stay updated.