We live in a world which is having a mad rush towards technology. Perhaps this is the major concern behind every new innovation and startup. Startups have a great demand nowadays and are a major preference for a lot of young entrepreneurs. There are many new ways of owning a startup these days. From owning an online website to startups by twitter accounts, they have come a long way. With the interjection of blockchain technology there grew a lot of opportunities for startups. Hashchain technology is one such North American Crypto mining company that uses blockchain as the key feature.

What is Hashchain?

Hashchain is a Canadian based mining company that allows its users to mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoins and dash. Hashchain is currently the largest mining company in the world. It is a huge success because of the features it has to offer. These features include:

  1. Availability:

Hashchain gained its attention by advertising that its services are available to the users 24/7/365. This is perhaps the most unique feature that any mining company has to offer.

  1. Low electricity:

The major problem with mining cryptocurrencies is, it consumes high volume of electricity. But with Hashchain this proportion will be exceptionally reduced.

  1. Storefront:

Hashchain has its own storefront which will allow the users to buy cryptocurrencies directly from Hashchain Ecosystem.

  1. Software:

This is really a very unique feature of all. Hashchain has its own software for the optimization of all mining activities of its users.

Additional features:

  1. Hashchain has its own mining pool. This will provide cost savings and brand recognition.
  2. The data center of Hashchain can perform multiple functions at a time and is very flexible.
  3. It helps you to assess the value of cryptocurrencies depending on the current market value.
  4. It is capable of mining numerous cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, Hashchain is the best user-friendly mining platform at present. It focuses mainly on security, disaster recovering, cloud and application hosting etc. which are the major concerns of any crypto miner. Moreover, Hashchain holds a lot of cryptocurrencies and is a very good platform for beginners.


If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast then you might be familiar with cryptocurrency wallet. Initially, crypto wallets were assumed to be purely software wallets. But in due course of time, it became clear that they are not completely safe. Though they are highly secure, they are not completely hack-proof. So to reduce this trouble to the users’, hardware wallets are introduced. Hardware wallets are way better than software wallets at many levels.

Hardware wallets are an instant hit due to the various unique features they offer. There are a lot of hardware wallets which are offering some really good features. KeepKey is one such hardware wallet which saw instant success upon its release.

What is KeepKey?

KeepKey is the latest hardware wallet with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. In spite of being very new, KeepKey became a huge success because of the features it has to offer.


KeepKey offers some really interesting features making it unique from the rest of the hardware wallets. Some of these features are:

  1. KeepKey supports many types of cryptocurrencies. It supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin etc.
  2. The very first thing that comes to mind while thinking about KeepKey is its sleek design. KeepKey has a very exceptional design and the super cool digital animation makes the customers experience more realistic.
  3. KeepKey is more durable than many other hardware wallets.


KeepKey launched at an initial price of $123. But soon it was dropped to $99. Since then it became a huge success. The price certainly is a little high but after using it, definitely you shall find its worth.


The design is the biggest asset of KeepKey. Though it is not portable as Ledger Nano S or Trezor, it still has a pretty good design and can store large amounts of cryptocurrencies.


KeepKey is the most secure hardware wallet at present in the market. It has a lot of security features like a permanent private key which will never leave the device. It prevents unauthorized persons from checking your account or transactions by providing a pin code to the user.

There are certain downsides to Keepkey like its complex design but it is completely worth the price and it is growing very rapidly. It soon is going to be a competition to other popular hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S and Trezor.


Cryptocurrency is by far the most influential change that happened in the global financial industry. Surely there are certain backlashes that hit cryptocurrencies upon its release, but it still gained the reputation it deserved. The common backlash cryptocurrency faced is its adverse effects on the fiat currency. However, to everyone’s surprise, NetCents overcame this problem by signing an ISO agreement with Obanc. Since then, cryptocurrency was no longer seen as a threat to the fiat currency.

What is NetCent?

NetCent is a global payment processor which can handle both traditional currency and cryptocurrency. All of this happened because of the ISO agreement with Obanc. It is a Canada based company stated in 2008. It is in development since then.


  1. Like most payment platforms, NetCents too will assist the user to send and receive payments. However, it has two versions of payment processing platforms. Of which one is for business platforms and the other is for personal use.
  2. It supports both Bitcoins and Ethereum. Recently it extended its support for Fiat currency too.
  3. The business payment platform allows the user to make transactions through Credit cards, Debit cards, PayPal, etc. which includes both cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

NetCent as an investment opportunity:

NetCents is a fairly new crypto payment processing platform. However, it is considered to be a very good investment opportunity. Though it started out small with its ICO worth $1 each, the value has been increasing thereafter. There hasn’t been a single instance when its value has declined. So investing in NetCents is a very good opportunity for good returns.

ISO agreement with Obanc:

NetCent recently signed an ISO agreement with Obanc which is a very revolutionary change in the history of cryptocurrency. Obanc is a Florida based payment processing firm which handles only Fiat currency. With this 5 year ISO agreement with NetCent, it opened its gates to cryptocurrencies. This led to a whole new era for cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, NetCent is almost similar to any other crypto payment platform but what makes it stand out is its acceptance of fiat currency along with cryptocurrency. And also NetCents offers critical security for the transactions of its users. It also serves as a very good investment opportunity. On any level, NetCents is a better choice than any other payment processing platforms.




Cyptoinbox is a digital asset distribution marketplace powered by Crypto and Blockchain technology. It enables  the users to buy ICO and STO. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering while STO stands for security Token Offering. Using this brilliant platform, you can easily trade or mine digital currency. It was started back in 2016 and since then, it is one of the best online platforms to trade and mine in order to make some quick money.

Main Features

With so many platforms out there, these are the few reasons why you should use Cryptoinbox. This is the list of a few features Cryptoinbox possess and why you should choose it.

Large Profit: The price maintenance is providing a lot of customers with the fastest return on all of their deposits. You should also start taking advantage of that.

Lowest Price: Price is yet another factor to choose Cryptoinbox. They guarantee the lowest price among all their legitimate competitors.

Ease of use: Life is complicated but not Cryptoinbox. It is easy to use, with just a couple of clicks on the website and your order is ready. Once you get paid using your Cryptocurrency wallet, you can start mining bitcoin.

Referral Program: This is one of the best things to choose Cryptoinbox for. Outside the crypto world, there are many services that have a referral program. However, finding a referral program in the crypto world is a bit difficult. Cryptoinbox solves all these problems. They have a great referral program in which you get some exciting rewards. You can get 10% of the income through such referral programs.


In the end, it’s all on you. These are the unique features of Cryptoinbox. It is easy to get started. All you need to do is to create an account, verify it using your email address and SMS. After completing this, your account is ready to use. Just like every crypto website, it has some of the best security and privacy features. They have a telegram group for all the updates. You can join this group or you can subscribe to them in various social media to stay updated.

Crypto for real estate

Crypto and Blockchain have become the best choices for real estate. The Blockchain technology makes the whole real estate market more centralized and accessible. By the use of crypto for real estate, the level of trust and privacy has increased. Moreover, international deals and transactions can be carried out easily. We saw that when China implemented new capital controls and put a ban on overseas investment. This resulted in a decrease of foreign investors and a considerable increase in Chinese investors. The Chinese government imposed several limitations on the usage of currency at that time to regulate its flow and as a result of this, more people started using cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency for Real Estate

There are many types of cryptocurrencies used in real estate. The digital currency is growing with respect to their market cap. Below are some of the famous digital currencies, increased in market cap.

 LATOKEN (LA): The market cap is $23,885,177 and its ranking is 307. The total circulation of the currency is 77,839,404 LA.

Propy (PRO): The market cap for PRO is $22,954,346. The currency is only 3 ranks back from LA. PRO has a ranking of 307 with the total circulation of the currency is 16,735,940 PRO

REAL (REAL): The rank for REAL cryptocurrency is 537 and has a market cap of $6,366,398. The currency has been circulated more than 10,055,817 REAL.

There are many other cryptocurrencies growing by the market cap. Some of them are ATLANT (ATL), REX (REX) etc. This shows the growth of cryptocurrency in real estate.

The future of Crypto in Real estate

Forbes magazine stated “Cryptocurrencies will disrupt the real estate industry”. This shows that cryptocurrency has a bright future in the field of real estate.Therefore, all the real estate brokers who are currently dealing with the local currencies, must start to prepare for the future. Real estate is after all a financial business. The use of Blockchain technology in the industry of real estate is bringing lots of innovation in this field and will definitely bring more security and trust in the field of real estate.

Crypto for Educational Purpose


Crypto education is now as important as mastering a new language. Crypto is the future of the internet. In the very near future, crypto and blockchain will be a must for everyone. For this, proper education for crypto is needed.  Blockchain-based education is now growing day by day because it combines theory as well as practice. All this can lead to fundamental breakthroughs in so many research areas. The crypto education has now really intense impact on society in almost every industry. The crypto courses provide a very brief overview on understanding blockchain technology. Some people even suggest that investing in crypto is better than investing in stocks.

Crypto for Universities

After the continuous growth in crypto popularity, many top universities have adopted crypto for education. Crypto will play an important role in future money. The crypto investment is a valuable asset to make more money and also not to mention a quick profit. When it comes to cryptocurrency, there was a survey conducted among 675 college student and 50 international universities. When the results came in, there were more than 42% of the university that offered a crypto-based education or a course. The universities listed here are the top university in the world. This only proves that crypto is the future of technology and investment.

Crypto Education Courses

There are various platforms available for crypto education, the number of students enrolled in the course shows the engagement in the learning about blockchain and crypto. Not only there are various courses offered by crypto websites such as Cryptomaniaks, Cryptoversity etc but also some of the biggest learning platforms such as Udemy has also adopted and is offering crypto for education. Some of this education platforms change the whole way you learn about the crypto. Most of the courses are combined with text and videos, this is the best and easiest way to learn about any new thing. The courses cover all the topics based on the crypto and have many students enrolled. There are still many new courses offered every day based on crypto.

Bootstraping a Crypto Start-up


What is bootstrapping?

When an entrepreneur starts a company with a very low capital, situation of bootstrapping is created. In bootstrapping, the investment can be from personal finances or revenue obtained by operating company. Despite the fact that there is a high financial risk, the individual who starts the company maintains control over all the decisions. Bootstrap is basically a steady way of beginning a new company as the profits are not achieved quickly. With no pressure of producing the right products at the start, more experiments on products can be done.

Cryptocurrency Start-up

In the present world, cryptocurrency is working extremely well. Popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoins and Ethereum are achieving amazing results and have become an important part of the market. As a result, there is a high demand for these services and hence, start-ups in this field are advantageous. Some startups have created wallet which stores and maintains all types of major cryptocurrencies. Many other provide services like cryptocurrency debit card, distributed cloud storage system providing end-to-end encryption, investment on different cryptocurrencies, and many more.

Building a Crypto Start-up

Firstly, research on the crypto market is required since it is a new and difficult field. Understanding the needs of cryptocurrency in the market is necessary for value creation for everyone. Whitepapers are necessary for a business plan as it is required by the investors to read all the fundamental details about the start-up. Gathering a team is a must as this field is difficult to be maintained and regulated by an individual. A team helps in faster execution of the products developed by the company.

Problems Faced In a Start-up

The reaction of government varies from aggressive to indifference, due to the monitoring of international development by investors. Due to the unstable behavior of cryptocurrency in the market, viewing of other’s digital wallet and accessing their funds for the start-up is not possible. There are not many investors who are getting access to these currencies, despite the fact that they show interest in this decentralized system.

What does Hash rate mean in Cryptosphere

If you part of the crypto sphere, you must have heard the word Bitcoins hash rate fluctuating or the hash power is coming down. Do you know the meaning of Hash rate of cryptocurrencies?

Here is a guide to tell you about the hash rate of cryptocurrencies. It forms an integral part of every cryptocurrency but here we will be explaining with the example of Bitcoin hash rate.

What is the meaning of Hash Rate?

Hash Rate is the measure of the power the Bitcoin is consuming for being continuously functional. It is simply a measuring unit which tells how much has power is consumed by Bitcoin to generate blocks in a mean time of 10 minutes.

A lot of energy is consumed in the Bitcoin network because the miners have to solve complex mathematical puzzles in order to find a block. These mathematical calculations require a lot of computation and cannot be based on just guesswork. In order to be successful, the header of the block needs to be hashed in such a way that the header is equal to or less than the “target” (Hash), only then a block is successfully mined.

What is a Nonce?

The miners can vary a small portion of the block header through which they can arrive at a particular hash, which is called a “Nonce”. A nonce starts with a “0” and it increments every time for obtaining a required target.

Thus, it is a hit and trial method and the chances of hitting the right nonce with a lot of zeros are very less. Thus, the miners keep on varying the nonce to hit the correct hash (target).

This variation made by the miners per second is called the hash rate. These guessing attempts made by the miners in order to mine blocks is called Hash Power used in the process of Bitcoin mining.

Unit of Hash rate          

Hash Rate is the number of hashes per second made in the process of Bitcoin mining. The present Hash rate is 50 TH/s which refers to approximately 50,000,000,000 kH/s. The hash rate is continuously growing as more miners are joining the network and the difficulty level is increasing.

How to earn cryptocurrencies and make a living?


The first question which comes in mind when you start thinking about cryptocurrencies is how to earn them and will they be sufficient to make a living? Will it be effective to use my time and money in the crypto world?

Here are some of the key points you should keep in mind when dealing with cryptocurrencies and strategies to effectively earn profits.

Blogging in the crypto-space

You can earn a lot by promotional posts, press releases, advertisements and other means with the help of your blogs and vlogs on the cryptocurrencies and the crypto market

You can monetize by starting a cryptocurrency blog today. Or else you can earn money via Steemit. You can simply register yourself on Steemit and earn money by commenting, blogging and curating content for other users.

Other websites for monetizing your cryptocurrency knowledge is Dtube.com and Busy.org.

Investing and not selling

Bitcoins and Ethereum have risen rapidly in the past 5 years and will continue to rise in the near future. The strategy is to invest and HODL in a variety of strong altcoins, ETH and Bitcoins, so that your risk and diversified and when you need the money, you can easily sell and earn huge profits.


Cloud Mining

You can rent out your equipment’s and earn a good income through the cloud. The initial cost can be high as you will need to setup up mining equipment but after a few months, you will start earning good money. Hashflare and Genesis Mining are some of the popular cloud mining platforms.



Staking is a method used for validation of blocks. In the process of staking, you have to purchase a certain amount of a coin which is staked. After that, a node and a wallet have to be created and you have to send your staked coins to that node which are then verified on the blockchain.

This form of income is a passive method and costs much less than the proof of work method. You can kick back and earn if you build a good position in a certain kind of token.


Crypto bounties

Bounties are created by developers which give away free coins for completion of simple tasks like blogging, tweeting, finding a bug, commenting and chatting,  vlogging etc. before or during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

It is done by coin developers to promote their currency and to attract potential investors while you can earn coins by this simple process.

Everything you need to know about Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the new transaction protocols in the cryptocurrency market. The term was coined by the cryptologist, Nick Szabo in 1994. Smart contracts are computerized protocols which execute the terms and conditions of a contract. The main objective of building smart contracts is to satisfy the common conditions of any contract.

What are Smart Contracts?

All the “if-then-this-that” conditions in a contract are self-executed in a smart contract coded into it. The new rage in the market for such an old term is that the new smart contracts are based upon the Ethereum technology.

The new smart contracts along with the Ethereum blockchain technology removes all the intermediaries which reduce the time and cost considerably.

The main advantage of executing the smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain is to make them decentralized and incontrovertible.

How do smart contracts work?

The process starts with writing the code of the smart contract in Solidity, a language of Ethereum. This code can be used for the exchange of goods or for an exchange of money when certain terms and conditions are met.

The next step is to upload the code on ETHEREUM VIRTUAL MACHINE (EVM) where the smart contract will be executed. Once the code is uploaded in EMV, it becomes same across each and every Ethereum node.

An Ethereum contract will involve at least 2 parties, powered by Ether, a digital asset. Then the smart contract will be executed and distributed according to the logic in the code.

Ethereum smart contracts can be trusted completely because each and every executed code or contract is stored on the Ethereum blockchain so the user can verify everything they need.

Advantages of using Smart Contracts

The smart contracts have the following advantages:

  1. Self- verifying
  2. Indisputable
  3. Self- Executing
  4. Reduces cost
  5. Removes intermediates
  6. Reduces the risk of fraud
  7. Auto-enforcing

So in short, a smart contract is a software which has pre-coded terms and conditions for negotiating a contract and it self-verifies the contract and executes the terms and conditions and its central code is decentralized for the Ethereum blockchain.