Binance DEX

Trading in cryptocurrency is increasing as there are more and more trading platforms being built. All of these crypto tradings has its own prices. Most of them do not have real-time price update and for this reason, you might see there are changes in price in every other platform. That is why most of the trading platform even allows the peer to peer transfer.

Binance just launched Testnet for their new Binance DEX which will totally change the way peer to peer transfer works. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange network that is powered by decentralized network nodes. This will help you in managing your own wallet and you yourself hold your private key. This will not only bring the freedom to their users but will also increase the security as well as usability. Here, you have all our assets and the responsibilities of the same will belong to you.

Binance chain

Binance Chain is created by Binance which is based in Peer-to-peer model. All the exchange on the platform is done by Binance DEX. Binance makes it easier to complete any transaction as the digital assets will belong to you and you will have your own private key. Moreover, they have a near-instant transaction features by which you can complete the transaction with one-second block times. These type of transactions are done in no time and are the fastest among all the currency exchange network out there.

The deal doesn’t end here, they are also planning to launch more features in the upcoming updates such as decentralized accessibility to cryptocurrency and blockchain. This will be once everything will be set. This will totally change the era of peer-to-peer cryptocurrency changing. It will be a lot faster as well as security will be given more importance. It would be a lot easier to order Spanish food due to their effortless transaction features. According to the company, the Binance DEX is just one another way by which they are trying to provide the total freedom of money to all their users.