Crypto for real estate

Crypto and Blockchain have become the best choices for real estate. The Blockchain technology makes the whole real estate market more centralized and accessible. By the use of crypto for real estate, the level of trust and privacy has increased. Moreover, international deals and transactions can be carried out easily. We saw that when China implemented new capital controls and put a ban on overseas investment. This resulted in a decrease of foreign investors and a considerable increase in Chinese investors. The Chinese government imposed several limitations on the usage of currency at that time to regulate its flow and as a result of this, more people started using cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency for Real Estate

There are many types of cryptocurrencies used in real estate. The digital currency is growing with respect to their market cap. Below are some of the famous digital currencies, increased in market cap.

 LATOKEN (LA): The market cap is $23,885,177 and its ranking is 307. The total circulation of the currency is 77,839,404 LA.

Propy (PRO): The market cap for PRO is $22,954,346. The currency is only 3 ranks back from LA. PRO has a ranking of 307 with the total circulation of the currency is 16,735,940 PRO

REAL (REAL): The rank for REAL cryptocurrency is 537 and has a market cap of $6,366,398. The currency has been circulated more than 10,055,817 REAL.

There are many other cryptocurrencies growing by the market cap. Some of them are ATLANT (ATL), REX (REX) etc. This shows the growth of cryptocurrency in real estate.

The future of Crypto in Real estate

Forbes magazine stated “Cryptocurrencies will disrupt the real estate industry”. This shows that cryptocurrency has a bright future in the field of real estate.Therefore, all the real estate brokers who are currently dealing with the local currencies, must start to prepare for the future. Real estate is after all a financial business. The use of Blockchain technology in the industry of real estate is bringing lots of innovation in this field and will definitely bring more security and trust in the field of real estate.