How to earn cryptocurrencies and make a living?


The first question which comes in mind when you start thinking about cryptocurrencies is how to earn them and will they be sufficient to make a living? Will it be effective to use my time and money in the crypto world?

Here are some of the key points you should keep in mind when dealing with cryptocurrencies and strategies to effectively earn profits.

Blogging in the crypto-space

You can earn a lot by promotional posts, press releases, advertisements and other means with the help of your blogs and vlogs on the cryptocurrencies and the crypto market

You can monetize by starting a cryptocurrency blog today. Or else you can earn money via Steemit. You can simply register yourself on Steemit and earn money by commenting, blogging and curating content for other users.

Other websites for monetizing your cryptocurrency knowledge is and

Investing and not selling

Bitcoins and Ethereum have risen rapidly in the past 5 years and will continue to rise in the near future. The strategy is to invest and HODL in a variety of strong altcoins, ETH and Bitcoins, so that your risk and diversified and when you need the money, you can easily sell and earn huge profits.


Cloud Mining

You can rent out your equipment’s and earn a good income through the cloud. The initial cost can be high as you will need to setup up mining equipment but after a few months, you will start earning good money. Hashflare and Genesis Mining are some of the popular cloud mining platforms.



Staking is a method used for validation of blocks. In the process of staking, you have to purchase a certain amount of a coin which is staked. After that, a node and a wallet have to be created and you have to send your staked coins to that node which are then verified on the blockchain.

This form of income is a passive method and costs much less than the proof of work method. You can kick back and earn if you build a good position in a certain kind of token.


Crypto bounties

Bounties are created by developers which give away free coins for completion of simple tasks like blogging, tweeting, finding a bug, commenting and chatting,  vlogging etc. before or during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

It is done by coin developers to promote their currency and to attract potential investors while you can earn coins by this simple process.