Insight chain 

When you talk about the chain based platform for blockchain that is decentralized, the first name that comes to your mind is Insight Chain. It is an ecosystem that focuses on blockchain domain. It is a platform that is integrating all the information sharing, data trading as well as reviews and index along with the platform itself.

Data Research

One of the best thing that you can use the Insight chain for is data research. The analyst can easily research any of the cryptocurrency companies or they can even do the same in media as well as on investors. All the data are reliable as well as to ensure the security, the data can be tracked. Moreover, anyone who is participating or contributing in one way or the other will be rewarded with the token.

Information Sharing

The whole platform will help the company to build the whole management concept. The platform allows you to disclose all the information and hence you will get the decentralized information sharing platform whether it is about the company, analyst, media, as well as the investors.

Data trading

Insight chain provides the data trading platform for everyone, the company or the investor can easily trade their data or ratings, as well as reports, point to point.

Review and Index

As all the research and the analyst are done, one can review all the things from multi-dimension and hence by there are all the things that an investor has to know. You can take a look at the series of indexes the platform offers such as RON and Insight 500.

You can use it to research and view the proper insights. There are whitepaper and the roadmap available on the official website of Insight Chain that you can make use of. You can collect the data and use it for various things such as learning a new language. All of the reviews and the data trading not only promotes the development towards the blockchain technology but also makes it easier for investors to invest in the company. You can even download their app.