If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast then you might be familiar with cryptocurrency wallet. Initially, crypto wallets were assumed to be purely software wallets. But in due course of time, it became clear that they are not completely safe. Though they are highly secure, they are not completely hack-proof. So to reduce this trouble to the users’, hardware wallets are introduced. Hardware wallets are way better than software wallets at many levels.

Hardware wallets are an instant hit due to the various unique features they offer. There are a lot of hardware wallets which are offering some really good features. KeepKey is one such hardware wallet which saw instant success upon its release.

What is KeepKey?

KeepKey is the latest hardware wallet with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. In spite of being very new, KeepKey became a huge success because of the features it has to offer.


KeepKey offers some really interesting features making it unique from the rest of the hardware wallets. Some of these features are:

  1. KeepKey supports many types of cryptocurrencies. It supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin etc.
  2. The very first thing that comes to mind while thinking about KeepKey is its sleek design. KeepKey has a very exceptional design and the super cool digital animation makes the customers experience more realistic.
  3. KeepKey is more durable than many other hardware wallets.


KeepKey launched at an initial price of $123. But soon it was dropped to $99. Since then it became a huge success. The price certainly is a little high but after using it, definitely you shall find its worth.


The design is the biggest asset of KeepKey. Though it is not portable as Ledger Nano S or Trezor, it still has a pretty good design and can store large amounts of cryptocurrencies.


KeepKey is the most secure hardware wallet at present in the market. It has a lot of security features like a permanent private key which will never leave the device. It prevents unauthorized persons from checking your account or transactions by providing a pin code to the user.

There are certain downsides to Keepkey like its complex design but it is completely worth the price and it is growing very rapidly. It soon is going to be a competition to other popular hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S and Trezor.